I'm in a Show! - Inaugural Exhibition!

Susanne Vielmetter is opening a second space and it’s amazing!


Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce the opening of our new exhibition space in downtown Los Angeles. Spanning the entire length of 1700 South Santa Fe Avenue, the 11,000 sf warehouse will host the gallery’s most ambitiously scaled exhibitions and provides additional space for both a screening and reading room. It will be used as a second exhibition space in addition to our Culver City gallery. The gallery design was developed in collaboration with TOLO Architecture and Anderson Studio.

The gallery will open during Frieze LA with a preview on Friday, February 15, 2019, and will open to the public on Saturday, February 16. The inaugural exhibition will feature new and historic works by artists from the gallery’s roster: Edgar Arceneaux, Sadie Benning, Andrea Bowers, Kim Dingle, Sean Duffy, Nicole Eisenman, Charles Gaines, Karl Haendel, Stanya Kahn, Mary Kelly, Rodney McMillian, Wangechi Mutu, Ruben Ochoa, Pope.L, Amy Sillman, and Nicola Tyson. The inaugural exhibition will be followed by solo exhibitions of new work by Arlene Shechet, Deborah Roberts, Sam Levi Jones, Genevieve Gaignard, Andrea Bowers, Shana Lutker, and Liz Glynn.

The downtown gallery is located at 1700 S Santa Fe Avenue, just south of the 10 freeway. Limited parking is available on the north parking lot adjacent to the building. Visitors to the opening are encouraged to use ride sharing services.


Preview: Friday, February 15, 5 – 7 pm
Open to the public: Saturday, February 16, 10 am – 6 pm


A Show I'm In


at DENK Gallery

Gioj de Marco, Sean Duffy, Tim Ebner, Joséphine Wister Faure, Rachel Lachowicz, Tom LaDuke, Kristen Morgin, Patrick Nickell, Michael Pierzynski, Tia Pulitzer, Ross Rudel, George Stoll


JULY14 – AUGUST 18, 2018



A Show I'm In


curated by Rory Devine

April 14 - May 19, 2018


CB1 Gallery is pleased to present "Tomorrowland," a group exhibition curated by Rory Devine. This group exhibition posits the question: How will work made in the present be read in the future without a contemporary context? The exhibition opens on April 14 and remains on view through May 19. An opening reception will be held on Saturday April 14 from 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm.

Each of the artists, who all live and work in Los Angeles, (The Real Tomorrowland) was asked to view this exhibition as a bit of a time capsule, one where meaning, form and content are constantly in a fluid state, or to consider EVERY Twilight Zone Episode. Thematically linked to the well known Disney Attraction, Tomorrowland, this exhibition addresses how the future, or our culturally collective construct of the future, is in constant state of remodeling or updating. 

The artists included in Tomorrowland are: 
Lisa Adams
Jeff Colson
Sean Duffy
Kathleen Johnson
Marion Lane
Pat Murch
Patrick Nickell
Rebecca Ripple
Richard Roe
Matthew Scarlett
Keith Walsh

Devine envisions a kind of visual mash up suggestive of all The Twilight Zones. The work highlights the present with a kind of sci-fi, futuristic or otherworldly quality about it. Just like our reading of the past, through artwork created centuries ago, has a very different relationship to the time in which it was made, we can only imagine how contemporary art might be interpreted in the future.

A Show I'm In

If you in Montreal check out grâce du dessin at Art Mûr!


March 3 – April 28, 2018
Opening reception: Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 3-5 p.m.
grâce du dessin: David Arseneau, Ari Bayuaji, Marielle Pauline Blanc, Laurent Bouchard, Annie Briard, Robbie Cornelissen, Michael Dee, Roy Dowell, Sean Duffy, Nika Fontaine, Andréanne Godin, Brandon Graving, Sarah Bertrand Hamel, Jacci den Hartog, Robb Jamieson, Vincent Johnson, Pierre Julien, Annetta Kapon, Trevor Kiernander, André Laroche, Eric Leiser, Tom Malcolm, Christian Messier, François Morelli, Jay Mosher, Matthew Bede Murphy, Nadia Myre, Patrick Nickell, Karine Payette, Fabrizio Perozzi, Renée Petropoulos, Laurence Pilon, Jonathan Plante, Jean-Benoit Pouliot, Jonathan Schouela, Suzy Spence, Arnoud Verhaeghe, Marnie Weber, Matthew Weinstein, Roger White, Ben Williamson, Millie Wilson, David Wojtowycz, Sebastien Worsnip, Florence Yee
Curator: Jason McKechnie
Art Mûr, Montreal, QC


grâce au dessin is a group exhibition focusing on work incorporating drawing and drawing technique in non-traditional ways with respect to notational shorthand, invented personal and visual languages, as well as observational and/or conceptual information. These works lead to – or are part and parcel of – other forms of an artist’s studio practice like video, installation, sculpture, photography, painting, performance, public art and ‘drawing’ per se as the completed result or extension from a set of ideas. The exhibition casts a far reaching net to assemble fascinating relationships, expand shared conversations, and galvanize cultural exchange between contemporary art communities.

Mark your calendar

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2017 | 2:00PM 


Included in general admission

Pivotal: Highlights from the Collection artists Amanda Ross-Ho and Sean Duffy will discuss their work in the exhibition, how it is reflective of their practice at the time in which it was created, and how that moment impacted their future work.


The swamp

This is a bit therapeutic.